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Season 2 is here and arrives on an infamous day!

posted Sep 19, 2011, 12:13 PM by Captain John Denver
Yaaarrrrr Matey's 

It's been a long while since I be bloggin'. Too much grog cheerin' I suppose. 

Some important things we be needin' to discuss. 

#1. Today be the premiere of Season 2 of The Land Pirates! Ye all best be watchin' us as we finally get our hands on a Land Ship! It be one of our best episodes and I must say, as The Cap'n, I was remarkable. We did have a slight fear of losing our matey Whitey, but alas, he remains! So I do hope ye all be watchin' and please post a comment on me facebook page. I be lovin' to see what ye be likin' and I'll never turn down a wench lookin' to be a fan! 

#2. Today be the horrid Talk Like a Pirate Day! I be askin' all our matey's and fans out there to watch our video as a testament AGAINST Talk Like a Pirate Day! The more viewers we be havin' the more likely we be gettin' a Talk Like a LAND PIRATE Day! 

I be hopin' ye like the new season!

Everyone now yell: 'We love the Cap'n"!

Grog Cheers For All,
The Cap'n